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 R&D and Innovation

Innovation and Incubation Centers

 A number of top-rated Universities have introduced innovation centres for their students. ‘Creativity’ is the buzz word at such centres. Students are encouraged to think ‘out of the box’ and create something new. They are aided by professors and experts from industry.Creative minds are encouraged to ‘rip’ apart a working computer, for example, and put it back again with value-additions to the old product. It is not unusual to find students spending long hours, tinkering with gadgets, bolts and nuts strewn all over the place wa ...

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Research Opportunities in India

Modern century is witness of transformation in the area of research and technology development. Innovation is the backbone of national economy and technological development for improving human development index. Recently government of India has launched the program for digital India & skill development in which the role of science and technology has got vital importance to strengthen the nation. Basic science and engineering, life sciences with pharmacology and social sciences are the area which requires in-depth efforts from Academia and R ...

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