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 Why study in India?

Saudi Students Search for Seats at Indian Universities

Saif M. Al-Harithy is a 23-year-old Saudi who works as a manager at a Jubail real estate and construction firm. The national company has a substantial Saudi work force, mostly young graduates from Western universities. Al-Harithy is the only employee from amongst his peers who went to India to pursue higher studies. “I got my masters in business administration at a well known college in Hyderabad,” he told Arab News. Although it is not uncommon to find an older generation of Saudis who studied in India during the 1950s, 1960s

Pre and Post Arrival Information for Studying in India

You have finally decided to study in India, a good decision we might say! You are about to start your journey in one of the most culturally-rich countries in the world. Mark Twain once said. “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great-grandmother of tradition.” And what he said turns is quite true. India is known as the communication hub and is highly popular with international students across the globe. India attracts students due

Why African and Middle-Eastern students choose to Study in India ?

What is it that attracts so many foreign students to choose India as the most ‘favorable country’ to get higher education? “India is academically strong along with being economical which is not the case with the US and EU. In India, English is a widely spoken second language whereas for us it is a foreign language. Therefore, the teachers here have a better understanding and command over the language,” said Hussain. Hussain who hails from Sudan, feels very much at home as he pursues English at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU)

Want to study in India? Here’s why you should

There are a million appealing reasons to study in India, yet, if you ratify the same feeling that has attracted international students to the Indian subcontinent for centuries, it is purely because India is a country of developing expertise in education. Simply put, just go for it!

Put even more simply, studying abroad India will change your life forever, and not in the same way studying abroad anywhere else in the world will. You will see and experience things that open your eyes to a whole new manifestation of life in our modern age ...

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World Class Education at Affordable Prices

If you are seeking a world-class education without paying a hefty price tag, it's time that you consider India. It is said that by 2030, India will emerge as the youngest nations in the world. Over the last two decades, India has astonishingly transformed its higher education landscape by creating a widespread access to low-cost and high-quality university education for students of all levels.

Taking this forward, we at Study in India an initiative by the Education Promotion Society for India(EPSI) in alignment with ...

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 R&D and Innovation

Innovation and Incubation Centers

 A number of top-rated Universities have introduced innovation centres for their students. ‘Creativity’ is the buzz word at such centres. Students are encouraged to think ‘out of the box’ and create something new. They are aided by professors and experts from industry.

Creative minds are encouraged to ‘rip’ apart a working computer, for example, and put it back again with value-additions to the old product. It is not unusual to find students spending long hours, ...

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Research Opportunities in India

Modern century is witness of transformation in the area of research and technology development. Innovation is the backbone of national economy and technological development for improving human development index. Recently government of India has launched the program for digital India & skill development in which the role of science and technology has got vital importance to strengthen the nation. Basic science and engineering, life sciences with pharmacology and social sciences are the area which requires in-depth efforts from Academia an ...

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 Higher Education in India

Bhutanese Students choose India for Higher Education


India has been a major seat of learning for thousands of years. The country was home to both Takshashila - the first university in the world, and to the inventor of the digit 0 - Aryabhaṭta. India has been the home to many scholars who have made India a progressive country and also one of the global leaders in offering world class education. Today, India is known as a communication hub and has become popular with international students f ...

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Want to Study in India? Here’s What You Should Know

Want to study in India? Here’s why you should.

There are a million appealing reasons to study in India, yet, if you ratify the same feeling that has attracted international students to the Indian subcontinent for centuries, it is purely because India is a country of developing expertise in education. Simply put, just go for it!

Put even more simply, studying abroad India will change your life forever, and not in the same way studying abroad anywhere else in the world will. You will see and experience things th ...

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Top 5 Cities in India to pursue Higher Education

The Indian education system has attained a strong position in the international circuit. In comparison to other popular destinations, India is a notch above in terms of higher education with the unparalleled variety of academic courses. Thus, making India the most sought after destination for International students to pursue higher education in. A large number of students come to India every year from across the globe to satisfy their desire for learning more. Studying in India, the second largest higher education network in the World ...

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Study MBA in India - Top 10 Institutes accepting GMAT scores

Customarily, the MBA degree is considered as a golden ticket into the corporate world and as the medium of success in the professional world in India. Today, in the global management education arena, the country’s top business schools such as the Indian School of Business (ISB) in Hyderabad and the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) have firmly secured their places. Top economists and now the ex-chief economist Raghuram Rajan of the IMF and professor of finance at the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business, Indra Nooyi, ...

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What Does ‘Higher’ Education in India Mean?

The Indian education system comprises ten years of primary and secondary education followed by two years of higher secondary education. Three years of studying beyond the higher secondary education get you your first degree: the Bachelor’s Degree. Simply put, that means a Bachelor’s degree is obtained after three years study in the case of liberal arts, and four years in the case of the most professional degrees (four and half in the case of medicine and five/six years in the case of law). The Master’s program is usually of two years d ...

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Is Engineering Your Future Call? Here’s What You Should Know

Did you know? The term “Engineering” originates from the Latin word Ingenium meaning ‘Cleverness’ and Ingeniare meaning ‘to create’? Today’s modern definition of engineering, utilizes basic mechanical principles to develop useful tools and objects. Engineering has contributed a lot to the nation and is one of the reasons why India is now a rapidly growing economy in the world. Studying these courses in India will provide students with exciting opportunities ahead. Let’s have a closer look at the top Engineering course ...

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Study BBA in India – Know All About The Course, Eligibility And Cost

The Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) is one the most favored professional undergraduate programs for students aspiring to build a career in the management field. BBA program prepares students for the post-graduation management programs and one can pursue BBA program in different specializations such as strategic management, financial management, economics, business law and ethics, organizational behavior, human resource management, operations management, accounting, marketing, financial mathematics, information technology, business ...

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 Indian Education History

A History of The Indian Education System

An interactive learning environment has always been the norm in India. If we go back in history, it is this ‘interaction’ which the sages had with their students that provided the base for the rich heritage which we have inherited today.

Education in India has a rich history: whether orally or in the form of letters written on palm leaves and barks of trees, ‘information’ was passed on to students from their “gurus’’ or scholars. Students and Gurus ‘interacted’ ...

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 Scholarships and Grants

Scholarships and Grants

Your desire of getting a degree from India does not mean that you have to burn a hole in your pocket. One of the least expensive countries among the top offering higher education courses, Indian universities are the cheapest because the government funds a range of education streams.

While Indian classical music, dance, and philosophy continue to attract foreign students -- and many spend years learning the nuances in the country – the Indian government offers a wide range of s ...

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 Indian Educated Leaders

Global Leaders From India

India beckons leaders of the future

What is common about all these personalities: Amartya Sen, Ram Charan, Indira Nooyi, Sundar Pichai, Satya Nadella, Sanjay Kumar Jha, Padmashree Warrior, Shantanu Narayen, Nikesh Arora, Dinesh Paliwal, Rajeev Suri, George and Thomas Kurian?

They are all India-born and successful business heads of internationally well-known enterprises. Perhaps, what is most important is that all of them did th ...

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King of Bhutan, Studied in India

Studied in India, King of Bhutan Did you Know? The present king of Bhutan, His Highness Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck undertook a program at the ‘National Defence College’ in New Delhi, India in 2005. Later he also did a year-long leadership development program from the ‘Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration’.