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  • Course Type Part Time
  • Duration3 years
  • Course fees

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Three years Part-Time Post Graduate Diploma in Management programme consists of six Semesters. The first three semesters primarily focus on basic courses to build a foundation of knowledge and skills required for more specialized study in various functional areas, to be pursued in the second year (third and fourth semester) and third year (fifth and sixth semesters) of the programme, during which electives will be offered to enable the participants to pursue in depth learning in the area of their specialization. The range of courses has been carefully planned to meet the needs of students, society, and the prospective employers. In the fourth, fifth and sixth semesters, the students have to opt for 8 electives in addition to the 8 compulsory courses. The electives cover two functional areas in management which equip the LBSIM graduates with multiple functional skills. Besides, each student undertakes a project study under the guidance of a faculty member during the third year with the aim of gaining an insight into actual corporate realities by studying a business problem or a situation. The project study is undertaken by the students from the beginning of fifth semester and the final submission is at the end of sixth semester. END-TERM PROJECT The ‘End Term Project’ is carried out by the 3rd year students wherein they are required to submit a report containing their research and findings, in support of candidature for the professional qualification.