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SCMLD is the educational and training wing of the Sadhana Educational & Empowerment Foundation, a public charitable Trust & Society. We aspire towards a harmonious, happy, healthy, wealthy, strong, green, clean, safe, secure, active, progressive, most respected, influencing and inspiring India of enchanting diversities, governed by a truly democratic and participative political system.

Our country has the potential to rise as a beacon for others. However, this is possible only if our people are awakened, ignited, enlightened and made confident, courageous, concerned, competent, rational, scientific, sensitive, tolerant, soulful and self-governed by integrity, truth, character, compassion, empathy, acceptance and the spirit of giving, forgiving and serving. This must be the mission of our educational system and the policy and regulatory direction on education and skilling.

India has the capacity to command tremendous respect and influence. This is more important than superpower status in its mere military sense - our human capital cries to be developed and utilized with vision, passion and purpose. Today's formal education system, which is centred on lecturing, memorizing, and copying without real knowledge building, individual skilling or citizenship development, cannot actualize this dream. We need to re-invent our education system, blending ancient wisdom and modern discoveries and requirements.

Mere information transmitted through lectures, obtained from Google, hearsay (Facebook, WhatsApp included) that is influenced by a biased and business minded visual and print media are only making people illusory and agitated. It shapes opinions, perceptions and behaviours without any rational thinking, objective study, research or real articulation. It exploits people's gullibility and champions the intellectual laziness, blindness, superiority complex and lethargy of the so called qualified. True comprehensive progress requires enlightening education and deliverable skilling. The time has come to initiate this change. It is now or never. Ivory tower top down prescriptive policies borrowed from the west, considering that it is the best, won't build India's destiny. We need bottom up policy planning and implementation, tapping the ingenuity and diversity of wisdom abundant in our country, blended with the best from the world.

The above aspiration is not rhetoric or a utopian fantasy. It is possible. It can be done. And it should be initiated.

It is certainly a long, arduous journey that must also at once be collaborative and collective. It might seem like an audacious goal but it is our firm conviction that this is our destiny and it is achievable with the right amount of energy exerted in the right direction. It is even possible to make this transformation in a time bound manner, if a small fraction of our teachers, institutions, educationists, parents, students, bureaucrats, politicians, media persons, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and the chairpersons of regulatory bodies are determined to make it happen. We need less than a decade to usher in an education system aimed at the above.

What is required is unyielding determination and unwavering action. Not empty talks or fiery speeches on relatively insignificant issues, faked as assertiveness towards the protection of rights and entitlements of some. It is only noise that pollutes without envisioning outcomes. It is our duty to work with integrity and purpose. It is the duty of the government to facilitate work and work ready education & skilling.

It was with this thought and guided by these principles that we established SCMLD in 2004 as a replicable model to develop 150 contributing citizens every year to work towards this gigantic task and audacious national mission.


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