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M. S. Ramaiah University Applied Sciences (MSRUAS) is a Private University established with a vision to be known as a modern, innovation–intensive university, where the university continuously interacts with the best institutions in industry, business and government sectors. It aims to develop graduates who are confident, can think creatively and apply their academic learning and practical skills to find innovative solutions and products for problems faced by the society.

The University has Faculties of Engineering and Technology, Art and Design, Management and Commerce, Science and Humanities, Pharmacy, Dental Sciences and Hospitality Management. Separate Directorates have been created to manage International Collaborations and Student Centric Activities, imparting Training and Lifelong Learning skills, Transferable Skills and Leadership Development and Techno Centre. The University has created smart classrooms, advanced design, simulation and manufacturing laboratories and high end testing facilities.

MSRUAS has embraced the outcome based curriculum which focuses on equipping the youth with skills relevant to industrial and societal needs. The teaching, learning and assessment methods are based on robust best practices to ensure the all-round development of students for a successful career and happy life. Being a comprehensive university, the courses are inter and multidisciplinary in nature which is an essential characteristic of present day education. The educational system in the University is focused to instil self-confidence in students and help them to develop cognitive abilities in addition to knowledge, practical and transferable skills. All courses are designed to train students to be creative, innovative and imaginative which are the fundamental skill sets that graduates of the 21st Century must possess. The University at present offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. 

M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences gives high prominence to research. The research activities at MSRUAS are inter and multi-disciplinary in nature. Research activities at the Faculties, in collaboration with Industry and Government institutions, advance innovation and benefit society at large. For this reason MSRUAS has developed various research centres to generate knowledge for the benefit of the Society and to work on contemporary research ideas. The following research centres have been established in the University: Automotive Technologies Research Centre, Aeronautical Research Centre, Energy and Power Systems Research Centre, Sanitation, Waste Management and Environmental Engineering Research Centre, Centre for Machine Learning and Computing Intelligence, Centre for Control Systems and Robotics Research, Centre for Biomedical Systems Research; Centre for Communication System Research, Structural Design and Analysis Centre, Composite Materials and Technologies Research Centre, Research Centre for Contemporary Tools and Techniques in Industrial Design, Incubation, Start-ups and Enterprise Development Research Centre, Photonic Devices Research Centre, Centre for Batteries and Biofuel Research, Big Data Modelling and Analysis, Nutraceutical Research Centre, Oral Cancer Research Centre, Biomaterials Research Centre, Dental and Maxillofacial Modelling and Simulation Centre, Drug Design and Development Centre, Pharmacological Modelling and Simulation Centre

M. S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences has created an ecosystem for Technology and Business Incubation and Entrepreneurship by creating a separate Directorate of Techno Centre. The Techno Centre offers a wide range of consulting services to industry and government establishments. Industry, businesses and research and development organisations who want to solve complex problems approach Techno Centre. The University has many ongoing engagements with industries and businesses to boost the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) including incubating businesses on campus which will form the backbone of a successful, growing economy. One of the campuses of the University is located amidst of 6000 manufacturing industries and playing backbone for many MSMEs in the area of engineering design. University has also tied up with ministry of MSME, GoI and TIFAC, DST to incubate commercializable technology ideas. At present University is supporting more than 20 incubatees.

Knowing that there is a huge population of youth not entering into higher education are being encouraged to undergo skill based programmes to realize “Skill India” initiative. The Directorate of Training and Lifelong Learning has been created to develop and deliver Skill Development Programmes to skill the youth in addition to imparting higher level skills to the University students, alumni and associates as per the dynamic requirements of industry and business. The Directorate offers a number of credited and non-credited training programmes to meet the requirements of various levels of candidates/ delegates. The directorate, through the Faculties of the University, has conducted over 700 corporate training programmes for leading corporates spread across India. The Directorate conducts seminars and workshops to bring leaders in industry and academia together to discuss and define newer avenues of development, that benefit the participants comprising largely of students, faculty and industry representatives. The Directorate also coordinates offering of customised “User Orientated Postgraduate Course (UOPC)” to meet the specific higher education requirements of industry and business.

We want to learn, experience and adopt best practices at our university in a global context. The best practices could be in teaching and learning, problem solving, joint research and publications, and interacting with communities. We hope to learn efficiently and fast by collaborating with network of universities, of course we have our own strengths and capabilities to share in equal terms with teams.

At present, the University intends to depute undergraduate and postgraduate students in engineering, art and design, management, pharmacy, hospitality and dentistry at least for a duration of 3-4 weeks with collaborating universities for academic and cultural experience; encourage its research students to do split PhD or work for joint award and members of faculty to undertake joint research. With experience, probably, the University would like to develop partnerships with collaborating universities for mutual benefit. We are open to international collaborations and we at M.S. Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences welcome any international university of repute located in any region of the world to forward their expression of interest to collaborate with our University. The collaborations could be in Engineering and Technology, Art and Design, Science and Humanities, Management and Hospitality, Pharmaceutical and Dental Sciences.

The University encourages multicultural, multilingual, multi religious environment on its campus and it is envisioned that MSRUAS will evolve into a Premier Innovation University in Asia in the coming decade.


Institute Details

    Facility NameFacility Description
Lab Lab Well equipped modern laboratories
Wificampus Wificampus Yes
Library Library Over 16,000 sqft library space available with more 33,800 volumes, e-books & more than 8000 journals
Hostels Hostels Incampus Hostel
Cafeteria/Mess Cafeteria/Mess Hostel mess facility and on campus cafetaria
Transport Facilities Transport Facilities Available
Medical Hospital/Medical facilities Medical Insurance for all students and on Call Doctor.
sports Sports Complex Full fledged indoor and outdoor sports facility
Gym Gym Full fledged multi-station gymnasium
     Partnership Name Country Name Description
Russia Kazan National Research Technical University MoU between MSRUAS and Kazan National Research Tec
Russia St. Petersburg State Academy of Art & Design MoU between MSRUAS and St. Petersburg State Academ
czech republic University of Pardubice
Russia Samara State Aerospace University MoU between MSRUAS and Samara State Aerospace Univ
Ghana Ghana Technology University College MoU between MSRUAS and Ghana Technology University
nigeria Air force Institute of technology MoU between MSRUAS and Airforce Institute of Techn
UK Coventry University
Russia St. Petersburg State University of Architecture & MoU between MSRUAS and St. Petersburg State Univer
UK University of Bedfordshire
    Agency NameRank
NIRF-MHRD- Government of India 90