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Traditionally believing that God is the Source of all TruthGoodness and Beauty, Lingaya’s University, wishes to develop in students a wisdom that translates academic achievements into responsible citizenship, sincere professional service and a deep respect for life and beauty in God’s Creation and Recreation.


? To impart knowledge and skills in the field of Engineering/ Technology, Management , Education, Science & Arts and related areas;

? To dedicate itself for improvement of social and economic status and enhancement of the quality of life for all;

? To strive for maximizing human welfare through education;

?To produce effective knowledge workers, practitioners and educators who will be guided by vision, compassion, knowledge, discipline, discovery with deep respect for human values;

? To provide an individual engineering and other professional learning experience for each student;

? To develop critical thinking, analytical ability and creative skills;

? To supplement the curricula, team work, leadership, communication skills, project management, social concerns and ethics and

? To establish interaction with industries for Technology, Research & Development.

In line with above vision and mission statements, Lingaya’s University has the following special characteristics:

? Lingaya’s University is an Institution for providing a student with opportunity for all round development and education with the aim of effective living as a good citizen.

? It has special strength in the field of Engineering and Technology with emphasis on practice and problem solving skills.

? Its activities and course curriculum concentrate on design, self-learning and research, which are the unique features of the University.

? The primarily value of knowledge and skill imparted by Lingaya’s University resides in its utility in creating an infrastructure for the physical welfare of the general public, in sustaining good health of individual and the community.

? Lingaya’s University facilitates and promotes creativity and critical thinking capabilities in its students.

?The education in Lingaya’s University enhances the inherent capacity of a student with honesty, courage and fairness.

Why Us?

Welcome message from the Desk of Founder Chairman

(Late Prof. G.V.K. Sinha) Former IPS 



Thank you for considering Lingaya’s University. Such right choice leads to a competitive advantage. Technical Education is the corner stone of Economic development and prosperity of the country as it impacts all aspects of life. The intellectual competitiveness is essential to the self and to the country for achieving the status of global leader in the new knowledge age.

The Universities provide the essence of academic excellence where the best of faculty, students and educational infrastructural facilities coupled with an innovative teaching – learning process combine to create a unique learning research environment. We are confident that Lingaya’s University shall continue in its endeavor to help in developing the Nation and thereby contributing towards improving the quality of life of our society.

With best wishes

(Late Prof. G.V.K. Sinha)


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Institute Details

    Facility NameFacility Description
Wificampus Wificampus Lingaya’s University (Deemed-University) was established in the year 2009 with the approval of MHRD,
Hostels Hostels Lingaya’s University provides an excellent air-conditioned on campus hostel facility for boys and gi
Cafeteria/Mess Cafeteria/Mess Situated in the heart of the Greenland Haryana, Lingaya’s University Canteens treat most of students
Transport Facilities Transport Facilities Lingaya’s University provides transport facility (AC Buses for Delhi and Gurgaon) to its students th
Medical Hospital/Medical facilities Lingaya’s University has a Health Center in Campus for both indoor and outdoor treatment facility. H
sports Sports Complex Lingaya’s University lays as much emphasis on Sports as on developing the academic potential of its
Gym Gym