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Want to Study in India? Here’s Why You Should

There are a million appealing reasons to study in India, yet, if you ratify the same feeling that has attracted international students to the Indian subcontinent for centuries, it is pure because India is a country of developing expertise in education. Simply put, just go for it!

Put even more simply, studying abroad India will change your life forever, and not in the same way studying abroad anywhere else in the world will. You will see and experience things that open your eyes to a whole new manifestation of life in our modern age while studying abroad in India, and return home a more informed and well-rounded person because of it.

Still not convinced?For the matter-of-fact, here are some of the student from SAARC countries who will share their experiences to help you with the best decisions you ever make.

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-A developing Country

Many college students who dream of better education but do not have the privilege of gaining a world class education can certainly rely on India. "India is a developing country like Myanmar and we have many cultural affinities," quoted by Myanmar ambassador.

-Collaborations facilitating higher education

The HRD Ministry of India quoted “India is keen to collaborate with Bhutan to build capacitiesof teachers and educational institutions and that admission of Bhutanese students to IIT’s, IIM’s will be examined”

-Most preferred education destination

A top-notch education system with strong government monitoring makes India a popular destination for Nepali students pursuing higher education. India has been an education hub for the Nepalis ever since the Gurukul system of education started. The fact that the two countries share similar culture makes parents feel India as a secure destination for their children’s higher education. Similarly, an Afghani student Ahmady for the hope of better future left his home in Kabul to study in India. "I want to study in a peaceful space, get an Indian degree because it has a great reputation in Afghanistan, go back and build a career".

  • -Lucrative scholarships

Capacity building and skills development are one of the key mechanisms of Government of India’s assistance program. With this objective in mind, the government of India offers the lucrative scholarships/ training opportunities for those who wish to get the best education. According to the new programs, most of the students will provide scholarships based on merit. The institutions will allow admission with 50 percent scholarship while some universities to will take an admission test. SAARC-India Silver Jubilee Scholarships, instituted by Government of India and the SAU Scholarship comprise full tuition waivers, hostel fee waivers as well as a living allowance.

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  • -Familiarity with the Culture

Muhavallah Nazari, who is studying Bachelors of Business Administration, explains why he has come here. "Indian education has a huge reputation in Afghanistan. Besides that, it is economical than other countries and closer to Afghanistan. And the main Indian language, Hindi, is much easier to understand than other languages. Many Afghans know Urdu and the two are very similar." On the other land, First year MBA student Niaz said: “In Iran, getting into any of the reputed universities is a big task as we have to pass tough entrance tests.”With most of the educational institutions in Iran following Persian as the medium, some of the students said that learning English mattered most. “In our hometown, Isfahan, English is only one of the subjects taught,” M. Shahed, a Ph.D student, said. Iranians find Indian culture interesting.

  • -The interesting Diversity

India makes home to anyone who wishes to make India its home. Sri Lanka student Akhila , studying Architecture is fluent in Tamil and is a practicing Hindi. Amina, from Kabul, who is pursuing an MSc in Biotechnology, feels at ease pursuing her religion freely in a country with a large Muslim population. Iranian student Saeed Asghartabar Afrouzi, who is pursuing an MTech in E&C at Acharya, considers India to be his second home.

  • -Quality Education

Students come to India for their studies, as there is a surety of good quality education at much more reasonable prices than offered in other English-speaking countries such as Australia and Singapore.

  • -India will always stay back in your heart

India will encourage you to learn more, and to be the best version of yourself. The relations you make, the experiences you have, the recognition you have will all blend into a piece of yourself that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

Studying in India is one of the experiences that can be something truly magical.