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Top 5 Cities in India to Pursue Higher Education

The Indian education system has attained a strong position in the international circuit. In comparison to other popular destinations, India is a notch above in terms of higher education with the unparalleled variety of academic courses. Thus, making India the most sought after destination for International students to pursue higher education in. A large number of students come to India every year from across the globe to satisfy their desire for learning more. Studying in India, the second largest higher education network in the World is an enriching experience in itself.

India has a welcoming atmosphere, non-discriminative approach and a secure educational and career growth. This attracts students from all over the world to India for an assured educational and career growth. Many Indian universities focus on the study of medicine, arts and language, journalism, social work, business, commerce, planning, architecture, engineering, and other specialized studies. India offers quality education at a reasonable cost in comparison to other international education destinations.

India has the second highest number of higher education facilities in the world and based on the reports by Times Higher Education and Career India; here are the top 5 cities to pursue the best higher education in-

1. Delhi / Mumbai

The national capital, Delhi and the city that has a lightning fast life, Mumbai; both cities offer a range of good options, and are home to some of the best higher educational institutes in the country. Whether you plan to apply for arts, science or commerce, the city offers a gamut of good options. Mumbai is the headquarter of film-making, so opting for a mass media course can also be a good choice. Numerous internship opportunities are available with the media and finance companies in the city.

The University of Delhi is a premier university of the nation and attracts scores of students each year from different parts of the country. Its alumni have made waves in various arenas – Bollywood, bureaucracy, politics, science, and technology etc.

2. Bangalore

Bangalore already is quite famous for being an education hub for students from all over India and many parts of the world as well. Bangalore has the pride of having world renowned institutions and the standard of education is already high and rising rapidly to meet the standard of the new Global Economy.

3. Chennai

Chennai is home to many educational and research institutions. Chennai has recently emerged as a hot spot attracting a large number of management aspirants across the country as management programs assure exciting career placements.

4. Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad city has a number of colleges, which provide a great platform for higher education in the field of engineering, arts and social science, law, commerce, medical science, journalism etc. Ahmedabad is also home to various top research organizations and institutes.

5. Kolkata

The city of joy is also the city of learning and knowledge. Numerous students flock to the capital of West Bengal in their pursuit of quality higher education. Kolkata is home to various prestigious institutions, which include public universities and autonomous bodies and autonomous bodies that award their own degrees and diplomas.

Studying and living in India is a special experience in totality, where cosmopolitan environment, diverse culture, high education standards, make India one of the best countries to get the quality education in.