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​Top 10 Engineering Programs in India

Engineering is one of the most sought-after education domains across the world. Every year over a million students enrol for an engineering course of their choice in India. However, apart from just deciding to pursue a career in Engineering, it's more imperative to choose a suitable course/ stream in which the student wishes to do his/her engineering specialization. While there can be a number of ways of choosing your preferred stream, the most usual ways of choosing the engineering course are:

  1. Choosing a course as per your area of interest
  2. Opting for a stream that offers lucrative job opportunities

Whereas, it is advisable that one should not follow the popular trend that choosing the most popular branch is a safe and financially viable option. For the reason that, eventually your success entirely depends on the hard work that you put into your studies as well as the reputation of your engineering college.

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Here we have listed the top ten engineering courses that are popular among students in India. Also, we have mentioned certain important aspects that a student should ponder while opting for a particular branch.

Top 10 Engineering Courses in India

  1. Computer Science & Engineering / IT: Currently, software engineering is the most sought-after profession in India. This engineering branch is known for the best campus placement, high pay packages, and overseas job opportunities. So, if you have an interest in software development, database management, etc., you must consider opting this engineering discipline.
  1. Electronics & Communication Engineering: If you have a thing for gadgets and electronic equipment this branch is most suited for you. The telecommunications & mobile industry has been progressing globally by rapidly in the last few years and offers excellent career opportunities for graduates. By taking admission in this branch you will learn about the fundamentals of digital electronics and communication, electronic circuits, etc.
  1. Electrical & Electronics Engineering: This is one of the most evergreen fields of engineering and there are always ample opportunities across the globe. In fact, there are a lot of prospects for electrical engineers in the government sector in India. You will get the opportunity to work in steel factories, railways and transportation, construction sites, automated systems and networks, and every sector where electric supply and electronics plays a crucial role.
  1. Mechanical Engineering: This is one of the oldest and most demanding division of engineering and despite changing market trends offers a broad spectrum of opportunities. A mechanical engineer is responsible for the design, analyse, manufacture and maintenance of anything that mechanical or moves.
  1. Civil Engineering: This is another evergreen field of engineering, and the rise in construction and infrastructure globally has resulted in exponential rise in career opportunities. As a civil engineer, you will be building skyscrapers, bridges, roads, dams, canals, seaports, power plants, airports, and what not.
  1. Chemical Engineering: Global warming and its consequences on the environment have made chemical engineering an important branch of education. During the 4 years of study, you will learn about organic & inorganic chemistry, polymers, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, and the use of computer and information technology for the research and development of various chemical engineering processes.
  1. Automotive/Automobile Engineering: Initially a part mechanical engineering this branch bloomed due the extensive demand of automobiles around the globe and the need of innovative research and development in this field. If you have a zeal for automobiles this engineering program is best suited for you, as you will be responsible for the design, development, manufacturing and testing of all kinds of land based vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, buses, utility vehicles, and even military transport.
  1. Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering: This is one of the hottest fields of engineering today. It offers countless opportunities in terms of research, design, development, testing, manufacture, and maintenance of aircrafts, spacecrafts, as well as navigation and communication tools for interplanetary explorations. Aeronautical engineers usually get jobs in aviation, defence, space research, and aeronautical research laboratories.
  1. Biotechnology: This branch of engineering incorporates the principles of Biosciences and Engineering to develop and manufacture a variety of non-conventional products. The study involves alteration of living organisms for various biological uses. India is home to some of the top biotechnology companies such as Biocon that offer state-of-art resources and research facilities.

  1. Environment Engineering: Traditionally, this was a subject/sub-branch of civil engineering, but with the increasing demand and increasing environmental concerns a dedicated branch with a 4-year BE/B. Tech program in Environmental Engineering was found. The stream borrows inspiration from various fields of engineering and science to understand environmental issues and engineering design solutions.

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Apart from the abovementioned, there are several other exciting engineering courses that students can pursue according to their interest. Engineering has contributed a lot to the innovation and rise of economy in the world. And, studying these engineering courses in India will provide you countless opportunities around the world.

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