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How Much Does It Cost to Study in India?

India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world. Armed with a force of over a billion inhabitants and a unique and vibrant culture that attracts people from across the globe. Not only India’s rich heritage and culture, lately education has also has attracted aspirants from the world over.

If you are planning to study in India it will give you a great opportunity to live and study in one of the most exciting nations in the world. Moreover, due to a rich history in education, India has a reputation for innovation and a growth, which can contribute greatly to your personal and professional life both. And, with thousands of institutions providing specialized programs to choose from, you are sure to find the right university and or college for your education.

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Among the top countries that attract international students, India is the certainly the least expensive country to study in India for foreign students. In fact, the cost of living and studying in India is very less as compared to other developed nations. The greatest reason for the comparatively lower cost of education is that the government provides grants and funding to various universities and institutions in India to run a wide range of education streams.

Education Cost of Studying in India

Mentioned below are the some of the most crucial factors that affect the cost of studying in India:

Tuition Fee: The first and foremost factor that one needs to consider before enrolling in Indian universities is that the annual cost of education along with living, which can be around ` 350,000 on an average. If you would have done some research you will know that this is far lower than the education cost in the developed nations such as the US and UK.

Accommodation: A number of Indian universities provide accommodation for international students within their campus. However, in case the university or college you have chosen for pursuing your studies does not provide this facility, you can easily find personal accommodation. The students have various options such as private hostel, or rent a single/double room, and/or get a flat/apartment on rent. In fact, there are numerous benefits of opting for private accommodation. When it comes to expenses you can easily find a comfortable stay for a month within ` 10,000, which is annually ` 120,000.

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Other Expenses:

  • Eating Out: ` 1,500 to ` 4,500 per week
  • Utility: ` 200 to ` 500 per week
  • Transportation (public): ` 50 to ` 100 per week
  • Transportation (private): ` 500 to ` 1000 per week
  • Leisure Activities: ` 500 to ` 1000 per week

As you can see the cost of studying in India quite low as compared to various developing countries and extremely low when compared to developed nations such as the US and UK. Moreover, the quality of education has undergone numerous transformations and developments over the last decade. So, if you are considering to Study in India it can be a tremendously beneficial for your future.