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6 Reasons Why You Should Study In India!

There are a million enticing reasons to study abroad in India, as there are a million reasons to study abroad elsewhere. Yet, if you harbor the same feeling that has attracted world travelers to the Indian subcontinent for centuries, then your best bet is to listen to your gut or risk a life of curious regret. Needless to say, if you’ve studied abroad in India, it’s likely to be an unbelievable experience that could potentially change you a person

1. Thumbs Up is your bud

India’s national drink and the favorite, Thumbs Up beats any other soda brands. Soon, you’ll find yourself gulping it down often while trying some of the lip smacking street foods, or just when you want to hang out with your friends. It essentially becomes a part of your life in India.

2. India’s meals pleases your pallet

According to the research conducted, a meal at an economical restaurant in India would averagely be INR 150 (US$2), while a three-course meal for two people at a mid-range restaurant would cost you INR 600 (US$9). Food prices in India are absolutely extraordinary. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or a hard-core meat-eater, your taste buds and wallet will be pleased with the array of fresh affordable options available on the go.

3. You become part of the crowd

With a population of 1.3 billion (and counting), according to Worldometers, India is home to quite a few people from across the globe. From nipping to the shop to commuting to university, daily life while you study in India will involve weaving through traffic and crowds. Eventually, you’ll be a part of the hustle-bustle.

4. You’ll see the historic beauties at every sight

India is rich in culture, traditions, heritage buildings, temples, forts, and palaces. Famous Indian Monuments includes Old Churches of Goa, The Taj Mahal, Qutab Minar of Delhi, Charminar, Red fort and Jantar Mantar, and much more. There is beauty and rich history behind every monument that will surely spark your curiosity.

5. Indian sweets triumphs over tarts and donuts

India has more types of mithais (sweets) than you’ll know what to do with. You have to believe it to see the amount of creativity in every mithai that you see in every state. You will be hell-bent to believe that no donuts, tarts, cupcakes can ever triumph that

6. You need more than 365 days to explore India

Best of all, India is far too big to explore even in one year abroad so you’ll come back again and again. India leaves a special mark on everyone that makes it a home and all you’ll talk is the experiences and it might be very possible that you may have loss of words.

Does this reckon with you? If yes, we are so glad to have you and if you’re still in two minds, it’s now to explore and see India with your own eyes. Come experience what India has in store for you, come study in India.